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Quotes and Reviews

Mabel playing the piano.

"Mabel's World is a beautiful,  fun book!  The humor and whimsy are so cute; I love that Mabel is so positive and thoughtful of others.  The artwork and colors are just gorgeous.  I can't wait to share this book with all of my grandchildren!!  They will love it." ---Wendy F.

"I love Mabel's World! My 10 year old also finds it hilarious.  Thank you so much!"  ---Barbara G.

"I can tell you the book is absolutely beautiful.  Very nice work."  ---Sarah K.

"This book written in comic book style is filled with good themes for kids to learn and adults to be reminded of, mixed with a little humor. Great artwork done by the author herself... Young kids would especially like it. As an adult, I was taken by the artwork and touch of humor. In a world that is so complex and fast paced why not revisit childhood memories of reading with mom and dad or Grandma and Grandpa and travel to a simpler time with this beautiful book!" --- Chantal B.

Wholesome, Humorous And Colorfully Illustrated

"I really enjoyed this book and the storyline. Any pet owner would enjoy the humor. After all, if our pets could talk…the hens remind me of some of the girls we all went to school with. So if you are looking for wholesome entertainment in comic book form, order a copy." ---K.A.

Such A Cute Story For All Ages!

"This book is the cutest! Mabel and all her friends will make you smile. After I read it, I passed it on to my mom for mother's day." ---B.D.

"We really loved the book!  It was a fun read and made us think of our chickens. 
I am referring to our little ones as the Gen Z chickens now.  Haha!" --- Emily P.

Puddy lying down.
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